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XDS™ Technology

All our products are amplified by a delivery system called XDS™ (eXponential Delivery System™). This proprietary nutrient delivery system was developed by Dr. Elliott, to target every cell in the body to deliver nutrition deep into cells and into mitochondria.

Why is this important? Because, to have the very best results, great natural ingredients alone are not good enough. The natural bioactive ingredients, typically, contained in nutritional supplements can have poor deliverability and don’t easily get to where they need to go, to do the most good.

XDS™ formulations rectify this problem in a powerful way. It, typically, uses only a fraction of the normal daily dose, for a given bioactive ingredient, compared to how much of the same ingredient is commonly used in other nutritional supplement formulations. Yet XDS™ is so effective, that much greater benefits can result. Nutrients tend to work faster and with much greater results for more people.

Chronic Stress Reduction

UltraMito Restore 3.0 alone contains  major classes of dietary antioxidants, the roles of which on health are well established.

Immune System Enhancement

With anti-parasitic and anti-pathogenic support to allow your body to stay protected.

Deeper Restorative Sleep

With our patented XDS™ technology your sleep will become your favorite time of the day.

UltraMito Retore.

Designed to increase the power of the mitochondria.
Mitochondria are the components in your cells that produce energy and are involved in, virtually, every significant cellular function in the body.

UltraMito Restore 3.0

Restore is an adaptogenic formulation comprised of 44 ingredients and infused with our XDS™ Technology.

$100.00 USD

UltraMito Restore Benefits Include:

● Stimulant-free, natural energy from the mitochondria that can outlast your longest day
● Enhanced brain ability, with the vision, clarity, and focus to meet your every challenge
● Mood enhancement and chronic stress reduction
● Deeper, more restorative sleep
● Cellular detoxification and repair
● Immune system enhancement with anti-parasitic and anti-pathogenic support
● Body-wide support for major organ systems
● Enhanced ability for the body to manage itself and maintain homeostasis

UltraMito Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate is a multi-use topical gel that is generally great for anything that affects your hair, skin or scalp in an unwanted way. Use it literally from your face to your feet. It penetrates deep to benefit sore muscles and is also great for joints that hurt, ache or otherwise cause you discomfort.

● Provides noticeable analgesic results to the skin within minutes
● Reduces pain and redness associated with sunburn and skin irritations
● Reverses cellular damage due to over-exposure due to other dermal irritants
● Increases cellular energy and reduces inflammation
● Can be applied directly to skin, hair and scalp

$119.00 USD

Rejuvenate at the cellular level.

UltraMito Rejuvenate Skin Balm

Penetrates deep to benefit sore muscles and is also great for joints that hurt, ache or otherwise cause you discomfort..

UltraMito Rejuvenate Travel Packs

Its versatility stems from the fact that it is scientifically designed to support and work with your body’s natural ability to heal and restore at the cellular level.

Use for discomfort or lack of mobility. Joints like the neck, shoulders, back, knees, ankles, elbows, fingers and toes can benefit. Feel for areas of discomfort and apply multiple times a day as needed. Thoroughly massage Rejuvenate into and around the affected area. Continue to use even after the discomfort is gone for more complete recovery.

Rejuvenate may be used for many skin conditions that cause you to itch, scratch, or break out. Use cosmetically for great hair, scalp and skin, even for sun damage that’s years- or decades-old.

Keep it handy for first-aid purposes to use on things like burns, sunburns, scrapes, bruises, contUltraMito Funnelns, sore muscles and insect/spider bites. Notice how quickly it can work, in minutes for some issues, and over time for long-term improvement with consistent application.

You may find it particularly useful on body areas that have numbness, lack of feeling, or poor circulation.

$60.00 USD

20 pack.  60 is available at checkout.

UltraMito Rejuvenate Travel Packs

Convenient travel packs are available in 20 or 60 count.

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